My mom had Alzheimer’s

It has been 3 months since my mom passed away. My younger sister suggested I try this because I need an outlet.

Don’t know where to start except maybe here at the end.

She was a woman I spent my life with, had so many ups and downs and I didn’t even recognize her physically in the end.

This disease takes so much from them and so much from us as family members. After she passed I was contacted by the Alzheimer’s organization to attend a workshop. When I explained she had passed away and that I was interested in a grief workshop they could not accomodate me in a grieving process. They referred me to local agencies but I see a need for so much more.

I have no answers today but this I know. This disease changes everything.

I thought my mom was OK and just being mean for such a long time. She was always a cranky sort of person and I had come to know that.  Now I am coming to understand she stopped talking because she just couldn’t put a thought together anymore and knew she wasn’t making any sense. Was there some animosity towards me – absolutley -I placed her in a retirement home but I didn’t understand what that did to her. I thought I was doing the righ thing and why wouldn’t she appreciate that after all?

I took it all personally and if there is anything I can share is that it is not personal. This disease effects every one differently and there is no “cookie cutter” to make sense of it all.




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